Crypto Market Boom and Bust: How to Ride the Waves?

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• The current crypto market is experiencing violent ups and downs, but the long-term outlook may be worth it.
• The SEC has tried to dampen the optimism surrounding cryptos, while bitcoin is stuck in a range between $25,000 and $17,600.
• U.S. CPI data will be released on Tuesday and could decide the next move for cryptos.

Choppy Seas for Cryptocurrency Market

The crypto market has been seeing its fair share of highs and lows over the past few months, with some investors feeling unsure about what lies ahead. Despite this uncertainty, there is still potential of great reward if all goes as planned in the long run.

U.S.’s SEC Dampening Optimism

The U.S.’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been actively trying to contain the level of positivity in the crypto world by taking measures such as shutting down staking on Kraken exchange earlier this year — much to Commissioner Hester Peirce’s disagreement which was posted publicly on SEC’s website itself. For now, Bitcoin hovers at around midpoint between $25k and $17.6k; should it break downwards, then it may face support at roughly $20k area or lower if things take a turn for worse.

Expect Volatility Around Inflation Data

As altcoins have proven resilient despite recent market cap drop from $390 billion to only $351 billion recently, some retrace can be expected sooner or later — yet an exact destination remains unknown for now. On Tuesday next week, U.S.’s inflation data will be published; investors should brace themselves for volatility before and after the news release as it could determine where cryptos are heading towards — either more balmy seas or stormy ones depending on whether inflation number comes out higher or lower than expected respectively.


Crypto markets have been through turbulent times since January 2021 due to several factors such as SEC’s regulation efforts combined with uncertain inflation data results soon to come; however investors shouldn’t forget that success may still lie ahead if everything unfolds accordingly in time — so hodl tight!